Apr 20 • 33M

Interview With the CEO of Verde Agritech

Learning about the potash market with Cristiano Veloso

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Episode details

A first for Due Your Diligence, we have an interview with the CEO of a publicly-traded company to share with you! The questions in this interview were crafted as if I was an analyst/potential investor for the business, but the tone of the conversation was interactive and informational since the goal of the interview was to inform an audience about a market/industry they may not know much about. I hope you enjoy learning about the potash market, I know I did!

P.S. - If you have a Company executive that may be open to a similar conversation, please send an email to realstratbeckeryt@gmail.com - I love learning about companies and enjoy being able to share these conversations.

Guest/Company Bio

Cristiano Veloso is the CEO of Verde Agritech (TSX: NPK / OTC: AMHPF - USD $371 million) is an agricultural technology company based in Brazil. The company is seeking to supply Brazil’s domestic potash supply, which has historically sourced about 90% of its potash from abroad. The company seeks to differentiate the product it’s providing by having its fertilizer not salinate the soil it is used on, thus avoiding degradation of the soil quality over time.

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Disclaimer: I hold no position in Verde Agritech and am receiving no compensation to publish this interview. This is not a solicitation/recommendation to trade any security and is published for informational and educational purposes.